Clyde L. Monma    
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Government Agencies


  AFRL Air Force Research Labs
Office of Scentific Research, Wright R&D contracting
  ANL Argonne National Laboratories
Mathematics and Computer Science
  ARO Army Research Office
Mathematics & Computer Science
  DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency  
  DISA Defense Information Systems Agency  
  DOT Department of Transportation
Science & Technology
  INRIA French Institute for Research in Computer Science  
  LBNL Lawrence Bekerley National Labs
  NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NASA Technology Portal, ICASE Institute for Computer Applications to Science & Engineering, Langley Research Center
  NIST National Institute for Standards and Technologies
Conferences, Mathematics & Statistics, ATP Advanced Technology Program
  NRL Naval Research Lab  
  NSA National Security Agency
INFOSEC, National Cryptographic Museum
  NSF National Science Foundation
CISE Computer & Information Science, Computer Communications
  ONR Office of Naval Research
Mathematical, Computer & Information Sciences
  ORNL Oak Ridge National Labs
Mathematics & Computer Science
  Sandia National Labs
Computational and Information Sciences
Professional Publications Vita Useful Links   Personal Contact Info